Marazzi has been producing high-quality Italian porcelain and glazed ceramic floor, wall and decorative tiles since 1935, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.Truly stunning, the Marazzi Group products are capable of completely revolutionizing the look of your home, and are an excellent asset to any space, providing a classy look that is gorgeous as well as sophisticated and elegant. Marazzi Engineering, thanks to its old experience in this field, offers a huge variety of technical solutions, from sound systems integrated with tiles, to self-cleaning and self-walking systems, ventilated walls and raised floors solutions, and much more.
Rango's production is characterized by accurate and reliable solutions designed to last a long time, and it evolves and updates to meet consumer tastes. The products range from porcelain stoneware to white body monoporosa tiles and glass mosaic tiles. They are suitable for floors, walls, indoor, outdoor use, ,residential and commercial projects. It is a comprehensive and highly “specialized” product range that interacts with the world of design and architecture offering modular and flexible solutions for the home and beyond.