Arredo 3 Kitchens
Dynamism, stylish design, product quality: such are the indispensable ingredients of ARREDO3, an ever-growing Italian company that produces a wide range of kitchens subdivided into two lines- LINEA CLASSICA and LINEA MODERNA – and customized solutions to meet customers’ needs. ARREDO3  believes that every kitchen should has a unique personality, preferably your own!.



Aster's Kitchens suggest the idea of warmth, family rituals and tradition. It is a unique collection from Italy, with its wide range of colors and finishes conveys the ideas of spaciousness, freedom of movement and elegance.


AGMA’s stainless steel kitchens are internationally renowned for their durability, quality, convenience, minimalism, efficiency and subtlety. Building upon its rich creative and innovative hermitage, AGMA is a trendsetter in the stainless steel kitchen design and technology with the introduction of its unique colored stainless steel kitchens.